Investments Plans

It’s never too late or too early to start your investment planning. After all, it’s your life. We give you straightforward answers so you can feel good about your plan, whatever your risk profile and where ever you are on your way to financial security. offers a breadth of investment products to suit all Members needs, from regular non-registered investments through to RSPs, RIFs, RESPs, and other Money saver plans.

For most of us, it's considerably easier to come up with smaller investment amounts on a regular basis than it is to make a large, lump-sum contribution. A regular investment plan allows you to choose when and how often you make contributions - ensuring that investing remains a priority throughout the year, and not just during RRSP season. With a Regular Investment Plan, money will be automatically withdrawn from your bank account and invested in a range of investment solutions - starting from as little as $25 a month.

Invest in yourself – and ask others to do so

Use your savings and investments, find potential investors, including family, to buy shares of your business, or reinvest the profits back into your company. This is the least expensive option for building equity, and making a strong personal investment can make it easier to secure future financing from a bank or other lenders.

How can I lower the average cost of investing?

Investing smaller amounts in mutual funds over time - or "dollar-cost averaging" - can mean lower average costs than if you make infrequent purchases. For example, your money will buy more units of a mutual fund when prices are low; and fewer units when prices are high. Provided the fund gains in value over the long term, you'll profit from your purchases during short-term price declines.